Salvador RicoSalvador Rico, Past President of the Rotary Club of South Ukiah 2016-2017

Salvador has been a Rotarian for over 10 years. He joined because his sister died of polio in the 60’s in Mexico. Salvador was born in 1973 so didn’t get to meet his sister but saw the pain that polio causes through the eyes of his mother who suffered a lot for the loss of her oldest daughter. He promised her that he would do anything to prevent mothers from suffering the loss of their children to that and similar diseases.

Knowing that the polio virus and many other diseases come from contaminated sewage, Salvador started his first river project to clean the waters of the Ameca River in Jalisco, Mexico.

The project, which started with just two people and a couple of shots of tequila  has grown into a global initiative spanning Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Turkey, Nigeria, USA and Canada. It has been adopted by WASRAG as a part of World Water Day Challenge.

In 2016 Salvador started a Human Trafficking Prevention Campaign in Ukiah California inspired by the Truckers Against Trafficking display he saw at the Rotary World Peace Conference that year. In response to a plea for help to prevent human trafficking from his local school district, Salvadore started a multi service club prevention campaign and set up training and awareness programs including a display called, The Apathy Effect. In all over 1,000 people have gone through this training.