Dr. Jamie Bechtel, Managing Partner at Kito Global

Jamie is a dynamic, innovative, and highly regarded impact expert with over 25
years of experience including work in over 40 countries.  She has a knack for
identifying and building non-traditional (unexpected) partnerships across sectors
including private, public and local stakeholders.  Jamie’s ability to develop and
pursue promising, novel approaches to complex conservation, development and
humanitarian challenges is core to her success.
Jamie is a Managing Partner at Kito Global where she works to grow good in the
private sector.  Before joining Kito, Jamie was the CEO of New Course, an
organization that works with women to find solutions to the interconnected
problems of poverty and environmental degradation. Jamie also worked at
Conservation International where she led the development of CI’s signature
marine program.  She was an advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative and was
recently honored in Fast Company Magazine as 1 of 60 women heroes. She is a
lecturer at University of Washington’s School of Law. Jamie has a Ph.D. from
Boston University and a law degree from Boston College. She lives in Seattle
with her one husband, two children, dog, chickens, and ducks  (not necessarily
listed in order of importance).