Douglas Justice, Associate Director of Horticulture and the Collections at UBC Botanical Garden

The Garden, which recently celebrated its one hundredth anniversary, is noted for its beautiful location on Point Grey, at the western edge of Vancouver, and especially for its world-renowned collections of documented wild-origin Asian and North American plants, including (but certainly not limited to) rhododendrons, maples and magnolias. Along with responsibility for the Garden’s day-to-day operations and living collections, Douglas’s duties include instruction in the Horticulture Training Program and in the university’s Landscape Architecture and Urban Forestry programs, where he teaches about woody plants.

An advocate for trees and the conservation of natural ecosystems, Douglas writes and speaks on a variety of plant-related subjects. He co-authored The Jade Garden: New and Notable Plants from Asia in 2005, and wrote a Field Guide to Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver with volunteers from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Douglas recently completed a mobile app entitled Vancouver Trees describing over a thousand different trees, and he is now working to complete a similar app describing shrubs in Vancouver.